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This is an exploring art game in the style of "The Journey".

The Lightspark Jayvin is an fragment of a white dwarf and is sent to a dead planet orbiting the dying sun. He has to explore the planet and the remains of an ancient civilisation in order to find something to save the sun.


This game was made as my final project at the Games Academy.


Producer:            Adrian Nonnenmann

                               Sebastian Wyrwall


Game Design:    Sascha Eichelberg

                               Philip Baum


Programming:   Christoph Marschott

                               Armin Grbic

                               Valentin Bach


Art:                        Denice Wagner

                                Georg Pollach

                                Sergej Maier


                                                                                            Sound:                   Jan Beierle



Guardians of Gaia


This is an Pong based endless runner with different abilities. It is the first project i made at the Games Academy.


Producer:            Benjamin Vehling


Game Design:     Sascha Eichelberg

                                Jan-Dirk Verbeek


Programming:    Armin Grbic

                                Marius Rose


Art:                         Vanessa Hiller


Sound:                   Sascha Eichelberg

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